One of the most significant cultural subsectors that is extremely well-liked by many different target demographics, including citizens, residents, and tourists, is the culinary arts culture. This demonstrates the value of making an investment in this popularity to spread Saudi culinary arts culture through the planning of unique events across the Kingdom to highlight the industry and its promising opportunities, inspire talent, and demonstrate the active role of the Culinary Arts Commission in developing the sector, introducing its initiatives, and highlighting its awards.


Executing the Seafood Festival event for a maximum of 13 days in the thriving Jeddah waterfront region without a thorough identity or concept for the event, as it is being held for the first time.

  • visual identity development
  • 3D designs and layouts
  • Governmental processes and licenses
  • Crowd organization and management
  • Manufacturing and execution
  • Generation of content
  • Media production services
Work stages

Planning and Design

The process of designing the festival's concept has begun, as well as creating a thorough identity and approving it, based on the creative synopsis of the event, which revealed the absence of identification for the seafood festival since it is being implemented for the first time. The event's 3D blueprints have all been created and authorized at the same time, as have all of the event applications.


Preparation and Production

Booking the event space at Jeddah's Roshan Al-Bahr seashore and obtaining the required government permissions and permits. In addition, all event components must begin production before being fully shipped to the event site and a safety and security certificate must be issued.


Launching the Seafood festival

Getting everything ready for the event, doing any necessary tests before the event starts in 12 hours, assisting participants like vendors and food suppliers, and starting to welcome guests.


Finalization and Evaluation

Completing the event's removal and cleanup, as well as providing a thorough analytical analysis of the event with a view to developing and improving subsequent events.