The Kingdom has constructed its one-of-a-kind pavilion at a world-class level to be a global icon for communicating the true image of the economic, civilizational, and cultural leap that the Kingdom is experiencing in this era, making Saudi Arabia's participation in Expo 2020 Dubai one of the most notable global participations.


It is a privilege for First Mover to run and oversee the media center for the Saudi Arabian pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020, which took place from October 1 to March 31, 2022. While not exclusively part of this project, our work on it included:

Work stages:


Managing public relations at the Expo and outside it.

The ability of countries or entities taking part in major international events to demonstrate their presence by luring high-profile visitors, managing those visitors in accordance with diplomatic protocols and conventions, and utilizing the network of global relations to increase their visibility and secure extensive media coverage for those visits and events is their biggest challenge.

We developed the public relations network through our experience at Expo Dubai 2020, which included organizing and managing His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman's (may God protect him) visit to the Pavilion, as well as thorough media coverage of the visit and news in various local and international media outlets.


Production of Media Content

The organization of the publishing process by unifying the message and depending on correct information are essential components of a well-planned media presence. Many reports and news stories were prepared and edited by our team of journalists, and their local, regional, and global release through various media channels was coordinated.


Constant live coverage

Extraordinary moments, unusual occasions, and beautiful feelings are not bound by space or time. That served as the primary impetus for our team's live coverage of Expo 2020 Dubai, which featured both fixed and mobile coverage. Our work involved having a live coverage team on hand, which includes media statements, professional photographers for photography, professional videographers for videography, and live interviews.


Creation of videos

The marketing of international events must include the creation of promotional videos and short films. Our team of editors and artistic directors created scores of promotional movies and short films while we were at Expo 2020 Dubai, and they were all shown on various media channels and social media platforms.


Handling of Events and Occasions, Including Surprises

Our team worked to assist the management of the pavilion in organizing and managing unplanned events from all angles, such as celebrating the millionth visitor and other events and activities with the other country pavilions. Seizing unplanned opportunities is a common and well-known practice in international events.


Creative services

Many publications, creative advertising campaigns, and distinctive designs must be released in order for marketing to be effective. Our creative team worked on developing and designing promotional campaigns and managing their distribution across a variety of advertising media, including billboards, screens in shopping malls, and the sides of tall buildings.


Logistics assistance

Our team created a variety of presents, pavilions, invitations, and certificates, and we managed their use at the Expo 2020 Dubai exposition.