From its founding, the National Center for Palms and Dates has worked to encourage sustainable growth and achievement in the palm and date industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The center intends to support the development of an integrated system of agricultural, marketing, and knowledge services based on contemporary technologies in order to boost the productivity and local and international exports of Saudi dates from the Kingdom. The Kingdom's Vision 2030 strategy, which aims to advance agricultural growth and create sustainable food security, is consistent with this.


Developing the center's digital strategy, enhancing the technical focus of its online presence, producing creative content for social media platforms, developing the marketing strategy for the center and its agricultural development initiatives, and developing promotional campaigns and content are all steps in this process.

  • Identity creation
  • Creative laboratories
  • Marketing and strategy
Work stages:

Developing the Marketing Plan

One of the most crucial foundational papers for successfully executing various marketing operations to accomplish the intended goals and results is the marketing strategy. Along with the center's internal staff, our team developed a thorough marketing strategy that covers a number of important strategies for the initiatives and projects the center is now working on.


Developing a digital approach

Our team spent time developing a digital strategy for social media platforms that thoughtfully and effectively satisfies the center's objectives to reach targeted audiences with their range of interests.


Advertising campaigns

Successful advertising efforts are initiated on the premise that the target audience's behaviors and interests are understood. In order to design and plan several campaigns for the center's activities and projects, our creative team collaborated closely with the internal team of the center. This included the creation of realistic promotional movies and a variety of inventive motion graphics videos.