The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property is at the forefront of an important movement to improve the use of intellectual property rights and to create an international standard-compliant business environment that protects the resources and labor that fall under the purview of intellectual property. All of which contribute to attaining the strategic goals involving increasing awareness of the importance of intellectual property rights, disseminating knowledge about them, and encouraging their use.


Designing the art direction of the clinics as well as the marketing and communication strategy for the intellectual property consultancy clinics and creating marketing plans for each track.

  • Creating the marketing plan
  • Creating marketing strategies
  • Art direction development
Work stages:

Analysis and research:

To get a thorough grasp of the nature of intellectual property consultancy clinics, their area of responsibility, and the intended beneficiaries, our team undertook a study and analysis. Due to the newness of the idea of intellectual property and its production and exploitation techniques, this was necessary. Analyzing regional and international rivals was another aspect of the study.


Creating a marketing and communication strategy:

The strategy is regarded as one of the key components for success in the marketing process because it serves as the framework for many marketing initiatives and the main source of information for unified communication techniques. These elements serve as the fundamental building blocks for giving the target audience a positive mental impression of the establishment and its services and boosting its credibility.


Creating marketing strategies and plans:

Each service or product has a different target market, launch time, and marketing activities. As a result, creating thorough planning for each track is advised to get the greatest outcomes.


Creating the art direction:

With the organization's many divisions, agencies, and projects, differentiating the clinics' marketing materials is crucial since it provides them an endearing personality that is in line with the nature of their services and goods for the target audiences.